I'm Melaya

Hello, it's nice to meet you,

A contemporary Romance author of feel-good stories. The ones that tug at your heart strings while taking you on an emotional journey. You know the type... Those sassy, sweet, passionate love stories you can feel, as you get lost in pages laced with love.

a bit more about

Melaya Rose

I live on a tropical island with my hilariously loving family, and sweet, adorable cats. When I'm not writing, I'm learning something new about writing. Or of course, I have my nose stuck in a steamy romance novel. I also like binge watching a new tv show, or enjoying the... music. hint, hint. 

I fell in love with the genre from the first romance book I read. And of all the paths I have tried in life, poetry, teaching, cooking and more, writing love stories is the only one that's fulfilling.

So for Melaya, it's all about the romance, nothing more and nothing less. My goal is keeping it alive through my books. Providing my readers with an escape from reality. Filling them with the internal glow and satisfaction that comes... when love wins.

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Get to know me

I can't work without:

Music, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers

Favorite childhood books:

Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Babysitters Club

Favorite Rom Com Movies:

When in Rome

My Fake Fiance

Beauty and the Briefcase

My friends would describe me as:

Loyal, hardworking, friendly and a bit crazy, fun

It's all about the Romance

Let's get lost in it together